thinking on the deck


Accepting failure in the practice of glass kiln forming takes the work on new directions¬† from the discoveries and hones character. Certainly patience. I’ve always been drawn towards fire and heat because of both its beauty and strength. A force to be reckoned with, which is why I also enjoy working metal to compliment some of my glass. Men just like being around fires. Early days as a child in North Eton was a treat to witness the annual burn off of the cane crops, images still burnt into my memories. Whenever a piece requires engagement in the kiln while still in its flowing state tickles the fancy. Getting to just understanding the medium is almost the whole journey. To hold a piece to light and to feel it is the rest. I love to think, create and work with hands. It’s good to have busy hands working towards something new. The semi finished blocks below represent commitment and faith, they are a side project and the concept evolved from trying to resemble thoughts for a piece four years ago, “Thinking Totem”. They were also produced for grouping into a piece in 2014 which I used to submit for entry into the last Ranamok Glass Prize. “Thoughts of a Madman” didn’t gain entry but it gave me invaluable experience.

My goal is to play. While on Nauru I was asked why we work so much. Point taken. So I guess I’m all about finding a way.